How will using NAAO substrates make sensing quicker?

As a label-free optical sensing platform, using NAAO substrates eliminates time-consuming labelling steps making sample preparation faster. After the NAAO is removed from packaging, a microliter amount of your sample is loaded directly onto the substrate and the measurement can start immediately.

How do these substrates make my job easier?

Our substrates are multipurpose and adaptable to different optical detection techniques. The same NAAO can be used for Raman/SERS, photoluminescence, SPR, and reflectance spectroscopy.

How does this save money for my company/research group?

NanoSense NAAOs are fabricated using inexpensive non-lithographic techniques which reduces the product prices. Also, with our substrates you have more flexibility in price range when choosing the type of optical instrument.       

What type of signal boost can I expect from SERS-NAAOs compared to other SERS substrates?

In a comparative experiment, the SERS spectrum for rhodamine 6G in water was collected using the SERS-NAAOs and the competitions paper SERS substrates. The SERS-NAAO can achieve a signal 2X that of the SERS paper substrate under the same experimental conditions.