Meet the Nanosense team

Lenzi Williams, Ph.D.
Principal Applications Scientist


Lenzi joined the Salvo Technologies team in July of 2020 touting a tremendous track record.  Graduating with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Florida State University and a focus on spectroscopy for the past 10 years.  She continues to pursue her passions with NanoSense.  She leads the team in both research and development consisting of substrates, solutions, and much more.


Abdeljabbar Awad
Photonic Engineer


Abdel joined the team in May of 2021 as a recent graduate, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida.  Along with Lenzi, he brings his engineering expertise to NanoSense to develop and produce our substrates as well as 3D modeling new designs for use with our products and existing measuring instruments.


    Why We Do It

    Businesses solving problems within medical diagnostics, biosensing, drug delivery, and agriculture, for example, shouldn’t have to be chemical and engineering experts to bring their product to the market. NanoSense prioritizes research and development that makes chemical sensing and detection quicker, easier, inexpensive, and portable without sacrificing performance.

    What sets NanoSense apart from the key players in the substrate market is the unique functioning of our substrates. Our NAAO chips function as a substrate to probe molecular separation, size exclusion mechanisms, confinement properties, dielectric dependence, molecular release mechanisms and more.